Hey Dudes,

so what about those floods eh?  Something to tell the grandkids about, anyway, and we hope none of you lost too much stuff/sanity/sleep. Really hope none of your friends or family were injured or anything either.  Kind of annoying when people say, of flood damage, “Well, they’re just things, they can be replaced”.. Some things actually CAN’T be replaced, photos, note books, paintings, memories.  But we hope you’re all safe and recovering, and our sincere condolences to any and all affected by the floods, cyclones, droughts, storms. We fared pretty well.. Conor’s house got a bit flooded so that sucked but I think they’re going to be okay. His brother maintained a vigil and refused to leave, possibly the side effect of playing too much of post apocalyptic video game Fallout 3.

As a part of the Brisbane music communities efforts to do their bit to help we’re auctioning a private show by none other than US.. you can find all the details here… we’re hoping to fetch a few quid, we’re pretty good.

As well as this we have a show coming up at the Old Museum.. we’re performing at a mini festival called “Friends of Folk” that also features luminaries such as Don Walker and Robert Forster. Their website is here. They’re donating all of the proceeds from their tickets to the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal, with the exception of $1, which goes to the Royal Children’s Hospital. So you’ve no excuse! It’s on Sunday the 6th of March, starts at 11am, goes to 8pm or so, 3 stages plus comedy and lots of kids activities.. we’re headlining the main stage at around 7pm so come along! Tickets are $44 for adults.

Also we’re heading down to Victoria in March to play at the Port Fairy Folk Festival.. should be a hoot, we’ve never done it before. That’s from the 11th -14th of March, and we’re playing every day at some stage or another, so please come and see us if you’re coming along.

As for Gin Club plans for this year.. well there’s a long talked about never actioned live CD/DVD to compile, kind of clear the decks before we start working on any new stuff. So stay tuned for that and some shows in Melbourne/Sydney/Adelaide/Hobart around June.

Right o. Off you go then.


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