Gin Club News Up To The Minute!

Hey All,

A few quick things.

Firstly, check out our new website… how awesome is it? Tim Steward from We All Want To and Screamfeeder did it. He’s tall and dreamy. If you’re not staring at it right now it can be found at  All of our albums are streaming here, there are a tonne of photos, a messageboard and all sorts of other things, you can leave comments on everything and even buy merch. So please enjoy your stay.

Secondly, we have a big show coming up with Even and Brisbane’s very own Little Scout at the Hi Fi Bar on Friday the 30th of April which is not too far away. It’s the last time The Gin Club will be playing before we embark on our Deathwish album launch tour. We know it is the same night as Wilco but they cost like $80 and are from America, whereas you can see 3 of Australia’s finest bands for only $16.50 plus booking fee!! You can get your tickets here:

Thirdly we are no longer being managed by Dmand, we’re back to managing ourselves, so direct any of your Gin Club related enquiries to

Don’t forget to sign up to our fanclub if you haven’t already, there’s a link on the website somewhere.

Okay, please come along on the 30th! We need your support and Even are AMAZING. So are we.

hope all is well



PS We are REHEARSING tomorrow night. Amazing.

PPS DEATHWISH IS COMING.. launch dates will be announced soon.

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