I stole that from Dinosaur Comics.. they’re amazing. Ryan North, the fellow who created them, is getting married any day now. Congratulations Ryan!


What else.. I discovered this band. They’re so amazing. I cannot believe they have released three albums and I’ve never heard of them. Then again, I do live under a rock a lot of the time. Here is their myspace also. They have a CD launch coming up at the Zoo on the 20th of August, I highly recommend that you go and see them.

Spent a lovely afternoon with my old mate Pete who has been preaching the gospel of this old 70s US punk pop band called The Laughing Dogs, they’re pretty awesome as well. Their myspace is here.

Looks like they’re still at it which is pretty good.

Think I will go and see The Mercy Beat tonight if my hangover subsides.. they’re launching their amazing debut album “How To Shampoo A Yak”.. it’s so rad. Listen. So good. HITS are playing too. You’d have to be crazy not to miss it.

Gin Club’s November tour is shaping up.. looks like we MIGHT get to Tassie, SA and WA!! Pretty exciting stuff. I love Perth. I love Hobart. Hell, I even love Adelaide! With it’s crazy Kava Bars and amazing antiques shops. Anyway we’ll see how we go with all that.

I have a few band names I am prepared to lease if the right project comes along, otherwise I’ll be recording them all very soon.

They are:

The Safe Flavours

(…) (Parenthesis Ellipsis)

The Suit Brigade

That’s all for now.



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