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5 Top Wedding Invitations Tips You Need To Know

Your wedding invitations need to reflect the desired style and aesthetic of your big day. Think of it this way: it’s your guests first real insight into how your marriage ceremony is going to pan out. You want to set a great first impression and help spark excitement for the big day. Not sure where to start? Well don’t fret because the following tips are going to be all you need to know if you want the best wedding invitations for your special day!

Don’t start too late

You don’t want to leave your wedding invitations to the last minute, much like the rest of the planning. Planning a marriage ceremony takes A LOT of time and effort. Once you have a date set in place, you should try and get your “save the date” cards mailed to everyone as soon as possible. A lot of your friends will be busy at different times throughout the year, so it’s important to get in early so they can make it. If you’re planning your ceremony during a popular time (like the end of the year), then you’ll want to be sending out your “save the date” cards about 8-10 months before hand.

Don’t blow your budget on the wedding invitations

Your big day is probably going to be very expensive, so the last thing you want to do is break the bank on your cards. There’s nothing saying you can’t splurge a little, but remember that you need to pay for food, music, a venue (e.g. function centre), floral arrangements and other things. As a reminder, the more intricate and vibrant your wedding invitations are, the more expensive they will be.

Look for ways you can cut costs

There are plenty of ways where you can cut costs on your cards. You don’t need to send a card to every single guest because some of your guests may live together (e.g. couples, parents etc.). Instead of basing the number of wedding invitations off your guestlist, base it off the number of households on your guestlist. Sending one card to a family is more cost-effective than sending them out individually to the same address (permitting everyone in the family is invited).

Don’t crowd the card with information and imagery

wedding card

It’s quite easy to get carried away in the designing process of your wedding invitations. A point of advice would be to keep everything as simple as possible. All you need to include is the ceremony time, location, dress code, RSVP information and dietary information. Cramming a lot of information onto the card can detract from the card’s aesthetic and undermine the clarity of the information. You want your card to be elegant and trying to squeeze too much onto such a little space won’t augment the information.

You don’t want to be including directions to the venue on your card. Instead, direct guests to a link where they can read more comprehensive directions. Post-ceremony activities can also be communicated to your guests via an Instagram or Facebook page. Either way, keep the wedding invitations as simple as possible.

Try to match it with your marriage style

Finally, you want your cards to reflect the general style and aesthetic of your ceremony. If you are going for a traditional ceremony, then your wedding invitations should reflect this. A simple colour scheme with traditional calligraphy will work a treat. A more modernistic ceremony will likely feature more minimal colours and font styles. If you change your mind later, then that’s fine. It’s just important to enjoy your special day with close family and friends.