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Best Features of Pizza Restaurants in Newtown

When couples, families and singles have come to the end of a busy day in the city, there are few more rewarding activities than sourcing Made in Italy, the best pizza restaurants in Newtown for a quality meal.

Not only is this a food choice that is delicious and universally popular, but the degree of competition in the Inner West of Sydney is hard to ignore for this market.

Yet quantity does not always equate to quality.

With the boom in fast food chains across the Inner West, there are outlets who make concessions when it comes to their food in order to rush through orders and achieve a faster turnaround.

Here we will look at some of the key features that defines the best establishments in this suburb of the city.

Authentic Pizza Menu Options

Forget fast food chains. Pizza restaurants in Newtown have to offer a truly authentic experience to be regarded worthy of the community. The Inner West of Sydney is a region rich with cultural flavours and tastes, switching from Asian cuisines to European foods and dishes inspired from Africa and South America. To be up against these types of establishments and with the rate of competition high, these outlets have to offer genuine authentic Italian pizza. That will see Napoletana, Margherita, Carbonara, Quattro Formaggi and Marinara options provided. The range will also feature meatlovers at one end of the spectrum to vegetarian at the other, covering all types of constituents needs.

Including Additional Menu Items


A comprehensive experience with pizza restaurants in Newtown will venture just beyond the pizza itself. From garlic breads, panzenella and pastas to noodles, focaccia and desserts including tiramisu, zabaione and gelato – the more options for an entrée, main course and dessert, the better for the incoming patrons. Children’s menu items can help to alleviate those concerns that parents have with portion sizes as well, removing the need for the chef and the staff to limit portion sizes off their own accord.

Quick Order Turnaround Time

In 2019 patrons are pressed for time. By the time an order has come through with an establishment, the clock is ticking to produce a warm and welcoming plate that satisfies. Pizza restaurants in Newtown are continually in a competition to provide authentic meals that don’t make concessions for quality but are created inside a 20-minute timeframe. The best outlets will answer the phone within 5 seconds of calling, write down the details and have the food delivered within a 30-40 minute window. The inclusion of an app is also helpful, as well as an affiliation with Uber Eats. For guests who are eating out, they should be afforded some extra time whilst enjoying small entrée portions to build the appetite.

Friendly Service

Friendly service is not always easy to find in the city. With workers living busy and stressful lives, there are professionals in the hospitality industry who make the experience feel like a chore. Yet the best pizza restaurants in Newtown will hire staff who are passionate about customer service and want to reflect the best attributes of the business.

BYO Drinking Option

In a city with strict lockout laws and a struggling nightlife scene, the top pizza restaurants in Newtown should ensure that patrons are getting maximum bang for their buck. Although house wine and beverages should be part of the menu, it is helpful for guests to be able to bring their own alcoholic drinks to the venue. That way there is no let down if a certain beer or wine is not on the menu and the consumer can make the choice to pass by their local bottle shop in Newtown or to settle for what is on hand. Empowering customers with the aid of a liquor license is helpful for all parties.