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Home Builders in WA Share the Top Trends of 2019

When it comes to crafting beautiful Aussie houses, Collier Homes know how tricky it can be to manoeuvre all the strict codes and standards we’re up against.

New construction materials are required to face quality testing before they can enter the market in order to ensure that our houses are safe, durable and reliable. A wave of changes in construction materials has recently hit the market, enabling Collier Homes to create more efficient and stylish houses.

Here are the top house design trends you can expect in 2019:


New roofing materials

Australia has been gifted with a number of innovative roofing options, including:

Colorbond Steel Matt

Colorbond’s new Matt-paint technology has been in the works for over a decade in order to qualify for Australia’s strict standards. It boasts high solar reflectance (helping to keep your house cool), corrosion resistance and neutral tones with a zinc-style finish.

Terracotta tiles

Gone are the days where home builders in WA could only choose from red or brown tiles when creating a roof. While black, grey and cream are trending shades, your options are now virtually unlimited. And ridged tiles are old news – flat tiles are all the rage.

Photovoltaic tiles

Just when you thought tiles couldn’t get any better, they’re now designed with solar capabilities in mind. Solar tiles are creating the rooves of the future, allowing households to gather solar energy from their rooves without the need for unsightly solar panels. Solar tiles create a seamless, stylish look that sits flat within the roofline.


Lightweight materials

From 2004 to 2014, Australia’s use of lightweight construction materials in houses increased by 20%. Steel or timber is typically used by Collier Homes to create the structural support and then non-structural cladding such as autoclaved aerated concrete is applied to the framework. This is a much easier, cheaper and more effective way to construct a house. Autoclaved aerated concrete panels also feature great insulating and acoustic properties and are a stylish alternative to older materials.

Weatherboard cladding is also much more durable and visually appealing than it used to be. Fibre-cement weatherboards offer a classic yet contemporary alternative to timber panels.



While the thought of bricks at first might not scream “contemporary”, with closer inspection it becomes clear how versatile and stylish this material actually is. Home builders in WA now have more choice than ever, with bricks now available in a range of sizes – such as wide, thin or long – and textures – like glazed or matte. There are also many more colours available, from black to blue to even pink.


Glass and windows

Big windows are all the rage, with architects and designers everywhere using more and more glass in their designs. However, Australian houses demand that home builders in WA keep extreme temperatures, noise and nosy onlookers outside. High-performance glass such as Viridian’s LightBridge range provides the insulation that Aussies need, allowing for large windows that meet planning standards. Houses that use regular glass often lose around 40% of their heat during winter; high-performing glass can help prevent this from happening.


Internal walls

Our busy lives and the increase in urban density demand that home builders in WA make our houses as soundproof as possible. Manufacturers have risen to the challenge by crafting materials that bolster acoustics within the house and keep external sounds out. USG Boral’s Soundstop is a plasterboard that increases acoustic isolation, making it great to use in cinema rooms and study areas. Sound-dampening plasterboard is ideal for ceilings as it absorbs sound and looks great.