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Roof tile recyclers: Repurposing your roof tiles

Like virtually every element of buildings, roof tiles also experience wear and tear — thanks to the elements of weather. As such, the chances are that you may have to replace your roof tiles sooner or later in the future. In addition to the impact of the elements on roof tiles, other reasons people change or replace their roof tiles include renovation.

Regardless of why you are replacing roof tiles, the million-dollar question is what happens to the old ones. Do they have any use, or are they going to be on their way to the landfill? According to the United States Environmental Agency, at least 8% of building/construction wastes stem from roof tile waste.

With the whole world hammering on environmental sustainability and proper waste management, such an amount of waste generated from roof tiles can not be swept under the carpet. These concerns have made roof tile recyclers gain more popularity like never before.

Repurposing roof tiles

It is almost impossible to discuss “repurposing roof tiles” without making mention of roof tile recyclers. Recycling roof tile is one out of many methods of repurposing roof tile. One way of recycling roof tiles is sending used or old tiles to the manufacturers where they will be properly recycled.

Suppose you are not sure where to find roof tile recyclers near you. In that case, you can always reach out to your local contractor or construction regulatory agencies or authorities to guide you on how to get your old roofing materials to recycling plants where they can be repurposed or put into other use.

Why not convert roof tiles for other purposes?

Rather than pile old roof tiles in your backyard or ship them off to the landfill, you can put roof tiles that aren’t so old to other use. How? You can use them for roofing your shed, store, or pet house instead of discarding them, and your pets will thank you for the facelift.

You can use  old roof tiles to create a garden pathway

Roof tile recyclers repurpose

Yes, you read that right. Used or old roof tiles can be used to enhance your garden landscape. You’re probably wondering how. It is quite simple. The idea is to use the tiles to create a pathway through or around your garden, depending on how many tiles you have.

Not to worry, it’s not a demanding task. All you have to do is lay them (speaking of the roof tiles) is lay them on the ground as you would stone the walkway. When you are done laying the tiles, you check for uneven surfaces and ensure that all tiles are properly placed and tightly fixed.

You don’t have any use for old/used roof tiles? Donate them

Besides using them to give your shed or pet house a facelift, you can use also donate them to charity organizations that have use for them. Another possible use of roof tiles is using them to prevent weed growth. Unused roof tiles will come in handy in your garden once again.

However, this time they won’t be used to create pathways; they will be used to hinder or prevent the growth of weed. How does it work? All you have to do is place them around cultivated plants or areas in your garden. And because they are impenetrable by weed or any other plants, the area they are covering will most likely hinder the growth of unwanted plants.

In conclusion

As we mentioned earlier, unused roof tiles contribute a lot to an environmental hazard. As such, urgent steps should be taken to curtail this brewing danger posed by roof tile waste. As we have discussed so far, instead of discarding used or old roof tiles, it would be best if you take them to roof tile recyclers. Better still, instead of piling them up in your storeroom, you can be creative and use them for any of the simple ideas we shared in this article.