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Sunny Boy Inverter Powering Solar Power Into The 21st Century

The wave of innovation in the renewable energy sector has meant that energy prices have been gradually declining. Renewable energy sources have been blighted in the past by issues relating to affordability, practicality and storage capacities. Thankfully, these problems are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Sol Distribution solar panels possess a wide range of advantages. One of the main benefits is this concept of self-sustainability. Some individuals are driven by the idea that their home could be powered by their own self-sustaining model, separate from the public grid. Indeed, what these models require is an efficient conversion process, which can be perfectly fulfilled by the world-class Sunny Boy inverter. Let’s check out why!

Unparalleled connectivity options

Your Sunny Boy inverter can be connected to your home’s internet, either through Wi-Fi connectivity or via an Ethernet cable. This is very similar to when you connect your smart television or smartphone to your home’s internet. Basically, using this capability makes it very easy for users to configure their specific settings. Indeed, the user can run anything from a basic diagnostic test to the monitoring of weekly or fortnightly consumption rates.

Integrated shade management options

One of the notable criticisms of solar power sources is to do with shade management. In the past, many homes that did not possess north facing roofs often struggled to produce an adequate amount of electricity for their homes. To put it in perspective, homes that face the west produced, on average, 12% less electricity from their solar panels compared to north facing homes.

Thankfully, your modern Sunny Boy inverter is equipped with innovative shade management capabilities. The OptiTrac Global Peak shade system means that even during periods of below-average sunlight, your system can still derive maximum solar power yields. Through the Sunny Boy inverter, these DV yields can be converted into AC yields, which can power your home in a more environmentally-friendly manner.  

Rapid installation

man installing solar panels

Another great benefit of the Sunny Boy inverter is the ease of installation. Coming in at an amazing 17.5 kg, your device can be fitted and installed in your home within minutes. Not only is it hardly noticeable, but you won’t have to worry about whether it will detract from your home’s interior décor because of its amazingly compact design. Just quickly hop on your smartphone and begin setting up your system’s configurations.

Effective battery storage

Another amazing advantage of the Sunny Boy inverter is its battery storage capacities. Indeed, your device can be modified so solar generation can be stored and conserved for periods of low energy generation (i.e. night time, cloudy days).

New service platform

Specifically, the SMA Sunny Boy inverter (5.0 VL) is equipped with some of the best maintenance technology in the solar market. Indeed, the new service platform means that SMA can detect faults in your device before they begin to drastically affect your energy generation. Not only that, SMA can identify and resolve the problem with your device before you even know it (remote maintenance from the office).

Dual tracking capabilities

Finally, the Sunny Boy inverter range can maximise solar production via the dual tracking application. What does this mean? Basically, it means that your panels don’t have to remain completely static throughout the day. This is particularly relevant for people who have solar panels, yet don’t have a north facing roof (granting them access to the suns rays throughout the entire day). Instead, dual-tracking means the angle of your panels can be modified throughout the day to maximize the intake of solar rays and generate more power in a more efficient manner.