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The Job of Scaffolding

Scaffolding the way to the top and a way to stay there too. At the start of a building’s journey, it seems like there is nothing that will help it up to the sky, nothing at all. And then overnight, a mix of wood and steel comes together, joining forces to ensure that a building will be built. We call this man-made piece of wizardry, scaffolding.

Without it, the buildings you spend your days in wouldn’t exist. You wouldn’t be sitting in the nice comfy skyscraper where you make the big bucks, living the life of a 9 to 5 businessman. You wouldn’t be able to go home and sit in your apartment on the 34th floor looking over the city, and the city you live in wouldn’t exist with these bars and platforms allowing the workers of the city complete their duty. Scaffolding makes dreams become a reality.

Scaffolding has been around for centuries, not always made from the same materials but always with the same goals, to help build a structure worth building. In times gone by it was created using bamboo and in some parts of the world it still is. Sturdy and dependable, it is the cheaper way to erect the structure that will aid construction of the finished product. It may not cost the same as metal and wood but is does the job of both at a cheaper cost, it is natures scaffolding, one that has been and will be used for centuries.

Scaffolding can hold great fears for some though. For those pedestrians walking under or close to these tall, temporary structures, they have a constant fear the poles will collapse, and they will be showered with a glut of bodies and building materials falling from the heavens. Of course, this rarely if ever happens and most of us walk under and near to scaffolding during our everyday lives with little or nothing of note ever occurring. Still, just like any irrational fear based on past experiences, it is something that haunts people as they make their way through the cities of the world. A fear that will make someone double back and find a different way to their destination. Something that many people do to avoid talking to a colleague or acquaintance they see walking ahead but probably doesn’t need to done for these solid structures.


While for those of us who have to work at the top, it can be a constant mental battle to push the thought of falling off to the back of our minds. Everyday can be tough but the money is too good to turn down. Perched at the top of a raised platform to do your job effectively you have to fight with that annoying voice in the back of your head that is saying you will fall, even when you are back at ground level standing on flat ground. It can mess with anybody’s mind and while the money is good sometimes it may not be worth it. Even those who aren’t normally scared of heights can lose their composure when working on these giant structures’ metres from the ground.

Nothing is made using scaffolding, but without it, buildings cannot be created. They will stay as thoughts in engineers’ heads, nothing else. When the building is completed, the assister moves away, overnight it disappears as and when its job is done. Without so much as a thank you from those working on the construction site, the long metal poles and planks of wood are dismantled and disposed of, not to be seen again.