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Top Tips for Finding an Accounting Internship

Many students or recent graduates struggle to find work after completing their studies. This is generally down to the fact that they lack experience. But this leaves the questions, how are you supposed to get experience if no one employs you? Well, a great option is through an accounting internship. Although it can be difficult to find a position, it is a good option to help start your career. So if you are unsure about how you can find accounting internships, here are some top tips.


Tip 1: Choose an industry

The first thing you need to do before even looking at graduate schemes is to decide what industry you are interested in. It will be a waste of your time, and the time of the company you work for if you work in a sector you have no real interest in; the aim is to find something that fits your long term career goals. However, if you have no idea, it is often recommended that you apply for positions that allow you to gain experience in a number of fields and job sectors. A graduate scheme can help you to decide what area you have a particular interest in, or help you to understand which bits of the job you enjoy and which bits you aren’t as keen on. All this information will help you to determine your long term goals and career path.



Tip 2: Start looking early

It’s important to remember that accounting internships often have deadlines or are available to apply for at certain times of the year. Furthermore, just because you are applying for a graduate job, it does not mean it is less competitive; many students will be applying for the same positions. Due to these facts, it is crucial to start looking for a position a few months before you actually hope to begin your placement. This will give you plenty of time to find a suitable position for your long term goals, and will also allow you to attend interviews and potentially not get the job. The last thing you want is to leave it until a few weeks before you hope to start a placement, and find all the positions are filled.


Tip 3: Ask at your university

Sometimes it can be really challenging to find an accounting internship, so a good place to start is through asking at your university. Many universities offer graduate schemes, or require you to complete a placement for your course. If this is the case for you, your place of study should provide a list of eligible employers, or at least have some contacts for you to get in touch with. If you don’t know where to start your search, this is a good option. Your place of study should at least have some advice for you.




Tip 4: Network

Another good way of getting involved in a graduate scheme is through networking. This involves talking to friends and family about any possible opportunities they may know of. In order for this to be useful, you need to discuss what you are looking for, and what type of career you hope to go into.


Tip 5: Go to career fairs

With so many other options for finding an accounting internship, career fairs are often forgotten about, however, these shouldn’t be disregarded. Many top companies and employers attend big hiring events, so it can be a perfect opportunity to get to know people in the industry. When attending these events, be prepared by bringing along your resume and dress appropriately.