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Want Stylish Italian Furniture But Don’t Have Much Room?

Do you fancy luxurious, quality furnishings, that’s also space saving? It may seem like a tricky dilemma finding items you love, while keeping it within the limited dimensions of your place.

Worry not! We’re here to tell you that it is indeed possible to meet stylish Italian furniture with compact living. Check out these awesome furnishings and life hacks for the home…


  1. Fold-away furnishings

There are certain lines of Italian designed furniture out there that are engineered in specific ways that meet the space-saving and space-transforming brief.

For example a designer table with elegant fold-down legs. With an adjustable height, it becomes easier than ever to stow it away as needed.


  1. Stackable furnishings

Similarly to the above, is another example of compact side tables – ideal with a classic leather lounge set (a staple of Italian furniture).

These are can be easily placed on top of one other as needed, forming a multi-layer shelf spanning only a narrow space of wall. To save further space, place on these other items that may be cluttering the room, until whenever you can catch the time to sort things out.


  1. Pack-down furnishings

Alike the fold-aways mentioned, the lines of Italian furniture referred to here, also have items such as fold-down tables. That’s right, those foldable table sides and legs also stow down into a near little wooden box with a neat elegance and quality finish, as you would expect from these furnishings.


  1. Fold-down bed

One of the latest on-trend bits of Italian furniture, especially for compact apartments, is the stow-away or fold-down bed.

Don’t get us wrong, the humble sofa bed still has its place, but it’s now rivaled by these beds that literally fold up into a closet door – alike an ironing board. This is a perfect space-saver, and is ideal for those seeking the minimalist home.

Some makes of Italian furniture even design these so they fold down over a fine wooden desk. And some have shelves attached to this non-suspecting cupboard door, ideal for books and ornaments. Talk about being resourceful for those tight spaces!

These ‘beds’ come in all shapes and forms:

  • Single
  • Double
  • Bunk bed
  • Day-beds
  • Sofa seating


  1. Hidden storage spaces

We’re talking the elegant lounge set with equally elegant sneaky compartments. Just pull away some of the cushions and lift up the seat to expose storage boxes with a solid wooden frame.

This ingenious piece of Italian furniture is the perfect way to store bedding, and anything that may be taking up room. Lower the seat back down into place, and you won’t even know it’s there.


  1. Sliding entertainment unit

These clever sets of Italian furniture incorporate a sleek television set that can be gracefully moved from one side of the unit to another, with the ease of a sliding door. And revealed behind this are hidden cabinet components ideal for storage for those things you really don’t need laying around (or, that’s right, a bed).


  1. Hooks, hangers and boxes

A great way to start clearing space in any room at home is to put anything that isn’t serving a practical use to the side, or better yet, out of sight if it doesn’t even have style to contribute.

Hooks on the walls can be a great place to hang anything from scarves, to towels, to cups, to nets to place loose items in. Hanging racks are also a great play to chuck all lose articles of clothing and fabrics when you’re strapped for time and simply want them out of the way.

Another great cleaning hack when you’re on a tight schedule is to have laundry bins, baskets or boxes in nooks and crannies around the room (where they’re not in the way, of course). When you’re in a hurry or just don’t have the time for a quality spring clean, you can throw all clothes and unnecessary items laying around into these to create a tidier spacer.

Some extra cleaning and storage hacks for the home will help you in maximising your free space for styling up with compact Italian furniture, or simply enjoying less clutter.