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Why Fancy Toys Aren’t Always Best For A Migraine Headache Treatment

People will always espouse the positivity and undying devotion to technological advancements in the medical field, with a lot of discussion revolving around its importance in migraine headache treatment. There is cause for celebrating when there’s a fancy new massage gun that is “scientifically proven” to reduce the onset of discomfort, or even a fancy pill that makes all the problems go away.

However, in our estimation, the best migraine headache treatment is often not too technologically enhanced, after all, we are simple creatures and sometimes the best treatments are those found in the annals of history. The old ways have certainly worked for long enough, and while there is some credence for consideration when it comes to new migraine headache treatment options, the old ways should not be relegated to the cold alleyways of the forgotten.

This article will go over some of the more promising tech advances in the migraine headache treatment space, as well as some tried-and-true methods that we think will always have a special place in our minds.

The Old

When you think of a solid migraine headache treatment, the first thought is usually a cool cloth and a darkened room. Far be it from us to give medical advice per se, however, there is something intrinsically relaxing and alleviating about the practice.

Eastern philosophies and systems have elected to utilise chiropractic approaches and realignments as a means of migraine headache treatment to astounding success.

While there is more research coming out with each passing year and some older practices have been relegated and disenfranchised, some eastern beliefs and classic fixes have not lost any potency or respect in the scientific community.

The New

Migraine headache treatment

Now we come to the nubile ventures of migraine headache treatment, one quick Google search will bring your attention to a number of fanciful and overly sci-fi reminiscent devices that wrap around the cortex and look pretty fun if we’re being quite honest. A lot of these technological eccentricities can be sourced back to the old ways however, with certain face massagers acting in the same way as a damp cloth being draped over the eyes, just with a few extra bells and whistles attached.

The same can be seen with neck cracking and chiropractic approaches to migraine headache treatment with some devices and mechanisms giving the user a little more control from the comforts of their home.

As the mentality remains the same with these grand devices and they are simply more convenience based than scientifically rocket-infused – we’d always lean more towards the older and more practiced methods of approach. After all, some of these disciplines and alleviations have been perfected over countless generations so we’d rather choose the tried-and-true over the LED screens and plugin solutions.

But to each their own.

The Weird

There are some downright weird approaches for migraine headache treatment that are quite astounding and may need a few generations to perfect (in our opinion of course). There are devices that utilise the ear canal to imbue a sense of calm and relaxation that seem a little farfetched, however with everyone being a little bit different, we can’t really say they don’t work, simply that a proper cool towel of neck crack feels ultimately better.

We will always recommend you see your attending physician before trialing an alternative migraine headache treatment, after all they are the professionals. Many will still recommend the older methods and approaches to migraine headache treatment depending on your particular circumstance. Always keep their recommendations in mind and trial the various approaches until you find one that is right for you.