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Why Your Office Needs Workplace Flu Vaccinations In Melbourne

When winter rolls around there is nothing worse than the whole office being struck down by illness. Each year the impact of influenza season is felt by Australian businesses that suffer from the loss of hundreds to thousands of hours of loss productivity, and lost profits.

Employees suffer as well, workplaces are hotbeds for passing on germs and illness and the roll on effect of taking easily communicable illness like influenza home to family can impact take home pay, job security and threaten the health of vulnerable young and elderly family members.

Influenza contributes to the loss of millions every year, and is single-handedly one of the biggest reasons for employee absenteeism each year in Australian businesses.


Cost saving for your business

Workplace flu vaccinations in your Melbourne business just make logical sense then. The cost to your business is minimal and injections take up only a few minutes of your employee’s time. Getting workplace flu vaccinations in Melbourne office is not disruptive and will save your business a lot of lost productivity and profits in the long run. Workplace flu vaccinations in Melbourne especially are a good idea, as Australia’s capital is known for its bitter winters and a larger city population makes for particularly nasty sick seasons.

Injections against influenza have been shown to be very effective and reduce the chances of contracting the illness dramatically. Companies are far less likely to experience large portions of their employees suffering from sickness during the colder seasons.


Corporate responsibility


Implementing these programs is an important step in businesses recognizing the responsibility that they have to protecting the health of their employees. Healthy employees are happier employees and the link between productivity and happy workers has now been well established.

Workplace flu vaccinations in Melbourne companies are well regarded by employees and seen as a gesture of good will by employees. This is a great way for your business to show you care about the people who work for you. Showing you care will keep your best talent around and build loyalty with your staff.


Ease and convenience

The best thing about workplace flu vaccinations in Melbourne is that they come to your premises and set-up at your workplace, meaning employees don’t have to get to appointments out of the office. There’s no complicated process involved, just a basic consent form and it’s usually over in 30 seconds. All your company needs to do beforehand is inform employees of the day the shots will be taking place. It’s such a simple and easy process for something that could potentially save your business an incredible amount of money.

Influenza shots onsite make sense no matter what the size of your business and are a cost effective way to make sure that your business runs smoothly in the winter months, and that you are protecting the health and happiness of your employees.

If winter has been tough for your profits in previous years then make sure you contact a influenza shot provider early on. The ideal time to do it is about two month before the winter months, because it takes about two months for the shot to become effective.

The flu and other illnesses can have a big impact in unexpected ways, and have surprisingly large and far-reaching economic consequences in Australia. Beyond that it can threaten the lives of some of the most vulnerable members of society, that is why it is so important for businesses to ensure they are acting responsibility and doing whatever they can to limit the spread of illness, as it’s important for protecting society as a whole.